10+ best eCommerce marketing strategy 2023

eCommerce marketing strategy
Mushfika Al Nahian

Online sales are on streaming now. E-commerce marketing is all about letting people know about your business and your products and encouraging people to purchase products. Every eCommerce business wants to increase its sales. Because of the end of the day sales matters. 

An eCommerce marketing strategy is unsuccessful until you execute it. This article will explain to you the best eCommerce marketing strategies. Also a bonus point before ending the blog. 

What is eCommerce marketing?

E-commerce marketing is the procedure of using marketing tactics to get organic traffic to your eCommerce website to increase sales and revenue. E-commerce marketing includes email campaigns, content optimization, SEO, social media advertising, etc. 

E-commerce marketing is a journey to make people aware of the brand. The focus of eCommerce marketing is 

  • Get visitors to the website
  • Get more sales and revenue 
  • Build a good relationship with customers
  • Convert leads into sales

Why is eCommerce marketing necessary?

Marketing for eCommerce website no need to tell. A successful eCommerce marketing strategy can lead you to your success. 

  • Lead generation is a process of attaining the interest of potential customers. It’s a major part of the sales process. Lead is an individual who is interested in your products. An eCommerce marketing tactic helps you to get more leads to your website which will convert into sales. 
  • Sales are all for an eCommerce business. Without any sales, there’s no point in running a business. An eCommerce marketing strategy boosts sales and revenue.
  • Besides lead generation and boosting sales eCommerce marketing strategy creates brand awareness. When you promote your website through different channels people get to know about your business. This is how your business becomes a brand. 
  • When a customer repeatedly purchases a product from your website it means that he/she is your loyal customer. An eCommerce marketing strategy builds customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is beneficial to grow your business. Loyal customers recommend products to others to purchase.

10+ best eCommerce marketing strategy 

SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO is one of the most essential parts of digital marketing. Search engine optimization helps to rank your eCommerce website on search engines like Google, bing, and yahoo. SEO brings organic search traffic to your online store. Almost 57.8% of traffic comes from google searches. Now you know how much SEO is effective. 

SEO for an eCommerce website improves ranking above your competitors for your targeted keywords. Organic search traffic has the best return on investment(ROI) than any other digital marketing platform. 

When you start working with eCommerce SEO keep in mind the necessary steps as follows:

  • Your eCommerce website ranks on keywords. Do proper keyword research. You can use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, SemRush, Ubersuggest, etc. 
  • Use your keywords properly. Add your keywords in the product description, title, tag, and URL. 
  • Optimize your product page and landing page.
  • Build high-quality backlinks for your eCommerce website from other sites.
  • Add FAQ(frequently asked questions) page. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the successful marketing methods of digital marketing. Billions of people are on social media. Promoting on social media connects you to your potential customers and generates sales.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are the most effective social media platforms for eCommerce marketing. By taking advantage of social media you can engage potential customers and generate high traffic to your website. 

Before you jump into this eCommerce marketing tactic follow these steps.

  • Know your targeted audience. Which social media platform has the most engagement? 
  • Find out which social media platform works best for your eCommerce business. Not all platforms are not gonna work for your online store. 
  • Keep updated on your social media platforms regularly—post engaging and high-quality content with high-quality images. Use social media hashtags
  • Social media response is very important. When anyone comments on any post try to respond as soon as possible. 
  • Keep track of your competitors. Find out what your competitors are doing on social media, their posts, images, marketing tactics, etc. 

Content marketing 

Content marketing is another eCommerce marketing tactic that has a long time effect. Content marketing strategy is the arrangement of blog posts, videos, newsletters, images, etc. 

Blogging is a crucial part of eCommerce marketing strategy. Blogging allows you to create content by targeting keywords which will help you to rank on search engines and get organic traffic. 

These days content marketing is very effective for eCommerce business. It has a long-term effect. Content marketing is a method to share your story, your business, and your goods. Creating high quality creates your brand awareness, search engine ranking, and good customer relationships, and increases sales and revenue. 

The eCommerce content marketing strategy is as follows: 

  • Write informative blog posts. People love to read informative content. 
  • Use keywords properly in your content. 
  • Find out what your customer is looking for. 
  • Create informative video content.

Email marketing 

Email marketing is one of the successful eCommerce marketing strategies. It’s one of the best methods to reach your targeted audience. Email marketing campaigns generate leads. Lead generation is important because leads turn into sales. 

Through eCommerce email marketing campaigns you can let your customers know about your brand, and products. Whenever you are launching a new product you can let your subscribers know about your product. 

You can follow the email marketing slide. The following points will help you to succeed in an eCommerce email marketing campaign.

  • First, you can send welcome emails to your subscribers. It creates a good impression. 
  • You can recommend products to your consumers. 
  • Offer promo codes, coupons, and gift cards.
  • When any consumer purchases a product send the order confirmation email
  • Send a weekly newsletter to your subscribers.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the latest eCommerce marketing strategies. Influencer marketing focuses on brands that influence your targeted audience. Influencers have a community where people know and trust them. 

Working with an influencer helps to gather more traffic and sales to your eCommerce store. Influencer marketing is an effective promotional method if it can be utilized properly. Influencers promote products to their community and influence them to purchase.

PPC marketing (pay-per-click)

PPC advertising is a paid marketing method. It’s a method of paying google and Facebook to run an ad campaign to bring traffic to your eCommerce website. It’s a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. PPC improves eCommerce website appearance to the targeted audience.

PPC marketing has a massive return on investment. The main targeted platforms of PPC campaigns are Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

One of the most benefits of PPC is you can choose to whom your ad can be shown. When any potential customer clicks on your ad you need to pay google. 


Consumers who have already visited your site may like to purchase. Retargeting brings back your old visitors. It’s one of the best eCommerce marketing strategies that now most eCommerce business owner follows. You can track who has visited your website. 

You can run retargeting campaigns through email and ads.

Youtube marketing 

After Google Youtube is the second largest search engine. YouTube has over 2.1 billion active users globally which is massive. Nowadays people love to see video content because video content easily explains everything. 

Using the most searched keywords to explain your topic in your video your videos are going to rank on youtube. Sometimes youtube videos also rank on google. Now you know why youtube marketing is effective. 

Make tutorial videos of your products, their benefits, how to use them, etc. It builds trust among customers and grows your youtube subscriber list. 

Besides youtube, there are also other video marketing platforms available like Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Instagram.

Some common eCommerce mistakes that you should avoid.

User-created content 

User-created content known as real brand-specific content was created by customers and published on social media platforms and other channels. It includes social proof, product reviews, testimonials, etc. 

Adding social proof and product reviews of your business is another eCommerce marketing strategy. Customers like to see what other people are saying about your products. Are they enjoying it or not? 

Product reviews provide reliability to your products that encourage customers to purchase your product. Also, it builds a strong online presence for your eCommerce business. Another positive of a product review is Google love to see reviews. 

Affiliate promotion

Affiliate marketing for an eCommerce website is a program where other business or individual promotes your products for sale where in return for the sale they get a commission. Affiliate marketing is awesome to enlarge your eCommerce website marketing strategy. 

Affiliate marketing is a little bit risky because you don’t need to pay the affiliate marketer until any sale. Besides affiliate marketing is a great way to increase brand awareness and get more traffic to your website. Affiliate marketers promote your eCommerce website on different platforms.

Abandoned shopping cart 

An abandoned shopping cart has a huge impact on your eCommerce business. It means you lost a customer. Unfortunately, most eCommerce business owner doesn’t remind their customers that they didn’t purchase the product which they added to their shopping cart.

In a report, it was revealed that 69.75% of shopping carts are abandoned. This means in every 10 purchasers 7 purchaser doesn’t complete their transactions hardly.  

When a potential customer leaves their shopping in the middle without a transaction remind them again to purchase the product. Abandoned cart recovery emails are a great way to remind your customers. Or send them an abandoned cart text message. 

Responsive web design 

Your eCommerce marketing strategy will break down if you did the mistake that you didn’t optimize the eCommerce site for the mobile device. 54% of eCommerce traffic comes from mobile devices. 

In a world where people spend the most time on mobile, a mobile-responsive website is a must. A mobile-friendly website can make a flood of sales for your eCommerce website. 

A responsive website design is taken care of

  • Provide a good user experience which includes font size, and image size fit on the screen 
  • Offer an easy checkout process
  • Provide payment options that can be used by mobile devices

You can provide your consumers with an eCommerce mobile app. Read our latest blog post if you are eager to know the role of mobile apps

Using a live chat 

Chatbot helps you to directly engage with your customer. It’s one of the most effective eCommerce marketing strategies. Live chat helps to understand your customer’s demand, and which product they want to purchase. Also, you can recommend the products. It creates a good impression. 

Most often visitors visit websites without any intention of buying. With live chat support, you can change the intention of a visitor and turn them to purchase your products. 

How to execute the eCommerce marketing strategy 

Knowing the eCommerce marketing tactics doesn’t mean that you will succeed in the eCommerce business. You need to follow the eCommerce marketing strategy also you need to execute the tactics. 

Improving the eCommerce marketing strategy is necessary. Not all tactics are not going to work every time. Keeping updated with new eCommerce tactics, and trends are important to surviving in the eCommerce industry. 

Create an eCommerce marketing plan for a long time 

Having a marketing plan for a long time is essential. When you start a business first you need to set up what is your goal. Make your goal clear and specific. When you execute a plan there’s no chance to change the plan. That’s the reason you need to plan for long-term marketing. 

Knowing your target audience 

Before you start an eCommerce business select your targeted audience. Know your audiences. If you don’t know who your customers are, how will you run a business? Knowing your target audience helps you to grow in business.

For example, your eCommerce store has all the makeup items. Now, who is gonna be your targeted audience? Girls. You need to find out which makeup items girls use most, which brand they prefer, their age, their location, their online shopping practice, etc. 

You have targeted your audiences. Now you need to promote your products. Audience targeting is a crucial part of eCommerce marketing. For those who know how to target an audience eCommerce success is very near to him.

Investigating your competitors

If you jump into the eCommerce business without investigating your competitors you have made a fatal mistake. Competitor analysis is a marketing strategy that means market research, main competitors’ research, their services, marketing tricks, etc. 

When you know what your competitors are doing you can make a better plan for your eCommerce. Executing a strong marketing plan and catching the market is one of the major benefits of competitor analysis.

Analyzing marketing reports

Market research or marketing analysis is a course of action that is used to collect information to understand better the market. For eCommerce businesses collecting this information is beneficial. 

For a better marketing strategy, launching better products than others, market analysis helps you in this purpose. Marketing analysis gets more leads which turn into sales and improve conversion rates.

Product price considerations 

When you research the market make sure the prices of the products are. When you launch a product don’t add too much price. No one is going to buy the overpriced product. 

Always think like a customer. Are you gonna purchase overrated products where on the other hand anyone else is offering the same quality product within your budget? You are going to purchase a product that is within your budget. 

That’s why keep product prices within a range so that a single customer doesn’t leave your eCommerce store without purchasing.

Product dispatch

When you receive an order you need to deliver the product to your customer’s address. Before delivering products through a third party you need to know are they fulfill your delivery requirements. Like 

  • their delivery process
  • in which location they provide products
  • shipping charge

Wrapping up: eCommerce marketing strategy 

As a matter of fact, without eCommerce marketing, it’s impossible to keep in a competitive industry. Following the right eCommerce marketing tactics will keep you up to survive in the eCommerce industry. Day by day new trends are coming. Keep updated with new trends. You can use eCommerce marketing tools. 

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