Website builder or Coding: What’s the difference?

website builder or coding
Mushfika Al Nahian

Back in the day building, a website demanded code that programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, needed. As the days passed by website building has become easier with the help of website builder. 

Building a website from scratch requires a lot of time. Website building makes it easier. Within a very short time, anyone can build a website. 

Meanwhile building a website with coding requires plenty of time. If you think you have much time for launching your website then you choose to code. Similarly, for a short time, you can choose website builders. Now which is best for you? 

Following the blog will advise you in brief on the positives and negatives of choosing a website builder and coding.

As always a bonus point before the ending of the blog. 

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool or application which allows you to build a website without any coding. With drag-and-drop elements, you can build a website. You can do these all without hiring any developer or developer. 

From a wide range of templates, you can choose yours. Also, you can customize it if you want. For example elementor.

What is coding in a website?

Building a website using coding means the use of coding languages in a manner the website looks. Coding gives you complete control over the website. 

Coding is for those who want to build a website with their own design and ideas. You can change or add any function, layout, or design with coding. 

The positive and negative of website builders 

Website builder


  • User-friendly: One of the positives of a website builder is user-friendly. It’s designed in a way that non-professionals can use. Easy to operate. Since it’s required no coding anyone can easily navigate by following the steps. Also low chances of any error. 
  • Cost-effective: When you are starting a new business you have a limited budget. A website builder is cost-effective for startups. You can choose any of their monthly subscriptions or annual subscription. Which is about $100. There are a few website builders which you can purchase for a lifetime. 
  • Pre-made templates: Another positive of a website builder is they have pre-made templates. There are loads of ready-made templates and home pages available. Just pick the suitable one for your website. 
  • Drag and drop solution: Among the most positives of website builder is the drag and drop solution. With drag and drop solution you can design your website without any coding. You just need to pick a layout or theme and drag pre-set elements where you want to put them. You can add media, videos, titles, forms, buttons, slideshows, etc. 
  • Saves time: A website builder saves time. Want to know how? You are about to start your business within a week and your website still needs to be ready. What will you do? A website builder is ready to build your website within a few hours. Your website is ready to launch. 
  • Customization: There’s a buzz that website builders are not customizable. Well, it’s not accurate at all. Now there are many website builders which you can customize if you need.  
  • Technical support: Website builders provide great technical support. You can ask for the necessary help whenever you need it.  
  • Update: Website builders keep updated when they release any updated version. You must keep updated with the latest features and versions. 


  • Limited design and themes: Website builders have limited designs and themes. You may not find your desired design or theme. 
  • Less functionality: There are a few website builders which have fewer functions. Because website builders already have functions integrated. To add more functions you need to hire a developer.  

The positive and negative of hand-coding



  • Unique design: Hand coding allows you to design your website in a unique way. Your website will be fully customized to the way you want. 
  • Get complete control: Hand coding allows you to get complete control over the website. You are able to create your website the way you want. To build a website you need to buy a domain and hosting. Coding allows changing server providers if you want. 
  • Secure: Hand coding is more secure than a website builder. You make your own code. No one else knows your code. It’s difficult to hack your website. 
  • Customize: Coding on the website is easily customizable. With your own code, you can functions, designs, and layouts. 
  • Add features and functions: Website builder has limited functionality. On the other hand, coding allows you to add more features and functions whenever you need. 


  • Take a long time: Building a website with hand coding demands a lot of time. Learning a new language take years. Hiring a developer than building a website with coding also takes much time. 
  • Big budget: For creating a website with coding you need to hire a developer if you don’t know to code. It does not need to tell the demand of a developer. You need to pay on a monthly or project basis. 
  • Dependent on the developer: When a build a website with a developer you always need to be dependent on the developer. Whenever you need to fix anything or need any changes you need to take help from the developer. 

Website builder or coding: which is best for you?

Website builder or coding which is best for you depends on your needs. You had to find out what you need. There are some facts you should keep in mind:

  • Know your business needs: Before choosing a website builder or using coding first find out what exactly your business needs. For small businesses website builders should be the first priority. Small businesses don’t need many functions. If you are a large business owner coding is best. Large businesses require a lot of features and functions. Website builders may not fulfill the demands. Therefore hand coding is the right to choose. 
  • Think about your budget: Budget is one of the main issues. If you are starting your business with a small investment then a website builder is suitable for your business. They are budget-friendly. On the other hand, if you have a big investment then hand coding is best for you. 
  • Consider your time: How much time do you need to publish your website? Consider your time before choosing between coding or website builders. In case you need to publish a website within a short period of time then choose a website builder. Meanwhile, you have enough time then you can code to build a website. 

Coding on website gives you more flexibility to design your website the way you want. You don’t need to rely on any tool or program. 

Wrapping up: website builder or coding

The website builder is the finest choice for those who have no coding ideas. Just choose the website builder, pick a template and your website is ready to launch. 

If you know how to code then build your website with coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. 

Ready to launch your website? Website builder or coding, choose the ideal one for you and achieve your business goals.

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