5 best on-demand service marketplace platforms for on-demand businesses

on-demand service marketplace platform
Mushfika Al Nahian

Ready to earn money within a short period of time? Then on-demand marketplace business is for you.  

A service marketplace platform allows businesses to connect with service providers in a variety of industries. This platform provides a suitable way for businesses to find the services they are looking for. Also for the service providers to find new clients. 

The most popular examples of on-demand services are food-ordering apps or websites, cab-ordering apps, etc. 

Now from online marketplaces, people hire local services like house cleaning, painting, electrician, home shifting, and so on.

Within a very short time, these on-demand service marketplaces gained much popularity. Because they build a good relationship with their customers. Customers are demanding these services. 

Because of its popularity, this industry is rising. An on-demand service marketplace creates a road between the customer and the provider. 

Creating an on-demand marketplace for on-demand businesses is easy. But the difficulty is to stay remain in this market. 

There are many platforms for creating a marketplace. Every platform is bringing more features,  functions, and modules. 

In this blog, I have deliberated about the 5 best service marketplace platforms with their features, modules, and variety of functions. 

And at the end of this blog, I have included a bonus part, which is how to choose the best service marketplace software to launch an on-demand service website. 

5 best service marketplace platforms for on-demand businesses

on-demand service marketplace platform

1. Qixer – best on-demand service marketplace platform

Qixer is one of the best on-demand service marketplace platforms. This platform builds on the PHP Laravel script. Its eye catchy and rich UX/UI attracts visitors. Which will help you to get more visitors. 

This platform is best for any startup, mid-level, and large business. 

Qixer is an all-in-one solution for your on-demand business. This CMS comes with a responsive design. It’s a multi-vendor service script. By registering through this platform anyone can offer his/her service. 

Qixer is for cleaning, saloon booking, home service, plumber, electrician booking, laundry service, etc. Also, it has an appointment booking system. 

Its security system is integrated with Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention, Password Hashing, and Avoiding SQL Injection. 

Its backend framework is built on PHP Laravel Framework 8x And the frontend framework is built on Bootstrap 4x. This Script Required a minimum PHP Version of 8.0 and a Mysql Version of 5.7. 

It also has two flutter mobile apps, buyer and seller apps, which will be applicable only to Qixer users. 

image 2

Calling on Qixer’s on-demand service marketplace

  • House cleaning 
  • Plumber 
  • Electrician 
  • Saloon at home 
  • Carpenters
  • Home Shifting
  • Laundry 

Salient features 

  • This platform accepts 20+ payment gateway. 
  • It has a multi-step order process. That includes location, time, service type, etc. Also, it has an appointment booking system. 
  • It has a customer support team that is always ready to help.
  • Has a live chat addon, seller subscription addon, and job add-on modules. 
  • Seller profile, Vendor panel, vendor weekly, and monthly report.
  • It has an invoice generator system.
  • Clients easily find the services that they are looking for. 
  • Clients can add reviews, and ratings, and share on social media. 

2. Neateller – on-demand service cleaning & appointment booking system

image 3

Neateller is a multiple websites CMS with a cleaning service. It helps consumers to clean their homes and book appointments. This Neateller CMS is designed in a convenient way that is easy to use. 

Consumers can book appointments online. With 8 payment methods, customers can pay online. It also has a package selling module. You can sell your services through a package. 

Salient features

  • Has a variety of 4 home page 
  • Appointment booking module
  • Package selling module
  • Drag and drop page builder, menu builder, widget builder 
  • Popup Builder 
  • Order page 
  • Search and filtering option
  • Powerful admin dashboard 
  • Social media sharing 

3. ZielCommerce – on-demand service marketplace platform

The ZielCommerce platform is a complete package. This platform is enriched with rich UX/UI design. This CMS (content management system) gives a specific representation of all services. 

Its responsive UI fits with any device. 

image 4

Salient features

  • Multiple payment gateways integrated 
  • Social sharing
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Check order status 
  • Unlimited listing of their services

4. Yelo – on-demand service marketplace platform

Yelo has a better user experience. This platform enables consumers to find and book services from local service providers. Also manage appointment bookings, payments, etc. 

image 5

Salient features

  • Device compatibility
  • Multiple payments gateway integrated
  • Social media login 
  • SEO optimized

5. Appicial – on-demand service marketplace 

The appicial on-demand service marketplace is for startup and mid-sized businesses. Instantly launch your business with this application and start your on-demand service business.

image 6

Salient features 

  • Multiple communication channels 
  • Booking management system
  • Easy checkout process

How to choose the best on-demand service marketplace software to launch an on-demand service website?

The platform of on-demand services websites is getting bigger day by day. Several businesses are in the leading position in this sector. But the tricky point is to choose the right on-demand service software to launch an on-demand service website. 

There are a few factors to consider while choosing the best service marketplace software. 

UX/UI design 

It’s all about design. The design builds a website. Choose software that has user engaging design. A service marketplace platform must have an advanced theme management system. So that the admin can customize the theme according to his/her choice. 

Mobile friendly 

According to statistics, global smartphone users are over 6.259 billion. Currently, it became necessary to build a website mobile friendly. Choose software that is mobile-friendly. 

Numerous payment gateway integrated

This is one of the important features of a marketplace. Consumers are ready to take the service but they are unable to pay because of a lack of a different payment gateway. For that reason choose software that supports multiple payment gateways. 

Powerful admin dashboard

Admin has overall control of the website. A powerful admin dashboard has bundles of features and functions. Like user management, user role permission system, payment management, FAQ management, managing IP, etc. 


Security is one of the main concerns of a service marketplace platform. Before choosing software make sure your data is safe. That’s the reason choose software that provides multi-level security. 

Wrapping up: 5 best service marketplace platforms for on-demand businesses

On-demand marketplace service is very popular. It’s a great platform for getting large profits within a short time. 

Above mentioned 5 platforms will help you to build an on-demand marketplace within a short time. My personal recommendation is Qixer. It’s a multi-vendor on-demand service marketplace. 

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