Future of Laravel Web Development in the Upcoming Years – Bright or Dark

future of laravel
Mushfika Al Nahian

Approximately more than 50% of websites are built on Laravel, one of the popular PHP frameworks. Laravel development framework gained popularity and trust because of its flawless simple syntax which is used for creating high-performing web applications. 

It indicates the future of laravel for the upcoming years is bright. Laravel web technology allows you to build the best features website with creative design. It will not only boost your business but also upgrade the overall output of your business. 

There are a bunch of web applications and mobile applications built on Laravel. In this blog, I have discussed the future of laravel in web development, and why laravel is so trendy. 

Also, a bonus point before ending the blog. 

Philosophy of Laravel framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is based on MVC. Laravel is a constantly growing framework and is popular among web developers. One can create a website full of rich features, highly secured, and highly performed websites for small or giant size industries. 

The laravel framework was released in 2011. Until now it’s one of the renowned frameworks which is used by developers globally. The aim of the laravel framework is to make the development process satisfying for the developer. 

Laravel combined the best way than other web frameworks. Laravel provides powerful tools that are needed for strong and large web applications. 

Why Laravel is so trendy?

Laravel is the top favorite among developers. It has taken place of the leading position of web application frameworks. There are certain facts for which laravel is so trendy among developers. 

Laravel is secured

No other frameworks can beat the security of laravel. Everyday technology is bringing new changes. The risk of safety remains. Laravel framework offers top-level security which you will not get in any other system. 

This PHP web application framework uses SQL statements that prohibit SQL injection attacks. 

Easy to learn for the beginner

Laravel is beginner friendly. Laravel let the developers focus on web application design, function, and architecture. Laravel has very good documentation and it provides all the major functionalities required for developing a full-fledged web application.

Laravel support multi-language

One of the main reasons for is laravel trendy is that the laravel framework supports multilanguage. It builds in a way that any website or application can be customized to different countries. 

Testing and maintenance are easy 

Laravel application testing and maintenance are easy. It comes with built-in testing functions which support through a PHP unit, which makes it easy to fix any bugs.

Open-source and broad gang

Laravel is an open-source framework that is available for free. Also, it has a broad gang that keeps the framework to make it more advanced and flexible.

Blade template engine 

Laravel PHP frameworks come with a blade template engine which is very powerful compared to other PHP templating engines. It adds zero costs to your web app which doesn’t restrict you from using plain PHP code in views.  

Strong ORM and database management

ORM stands for object-relational mapping. Laravel-strong ORM provides web developers with a simple active record application that makes their link with the database easy and saves time. It allows web developers to perform database queries with simple PHP syntax. It is one of the best ORM tools. 

Object-oriented libraries

Laravel PHP framework has pre-built object-oriented libraries that are loaded with amazing features. 

Features integration

One of the major reasons laravel is trendy among developers is you can integrate features as much as you want. For that laravel PHP web application framework is the top choice for developers. 

Future of laravel in web development

No one can tell in advance what’s going to happen in the future. Assuming laravel future is not hard at all. Laravel web application development is growing day by day. 

The world is going through many changes yearly. But these changes aren’t going to affect technologies. Because without technology it’s impossible to run the world. 

Using laravel for eCommerce, online marketplaces, and small or large businesses is very popular now. So it’s clear the laravel future is bright.

However, I have pointed out some reasons why the future of Laravel is bright. 

  • Compared to other PHP frameworks laravel is simple and easy. Web developers prefer to use laravel.
  • Laravel is an emerging and dynamic platform. That makes it responsive and that’s the reason it appears on google. 
  • Laravel offers free and paid sessions to help developers to swift easily from the most challenging coding challenges. 
  • Laravel is more affordable than other frameworks. 
  • The use of advanced technology is another reason that the future of laravel is bright. 

Necessary skills to become a laravel developer 

Becoming a laravel developer is not child’s play. You need enough skills and knowledge. And also you need to develop your skills with new trends and updates. However, I have figured out the necessary skills that a laravel developer requires. 

Programming languages skills

One of the fundamental skills a laravel developer should have is programming languages. A laravel developer must know the programming languages HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. If not they will not be able to execute the application. 

  • HTML stands for Hypertext markup language. By use of HTML, you can change elements like headlines, body text, and subheadings in a website. 
  • CSS stands for Cascading style sheets. CSS is for the given layout and style of web pages. CSS makes it engaging.
  • JavaScript takes the website to the top level. It changes the website content and behaves differently. 
  • PHP is must knowledge for laravel developers. PHP is used to develop a correlative and high-performing website. 

Database management skills

Database management is one of the significant skills a laravel developer should have. This indicates that they must know how to manage a database, and database structure, making it easy for end-users to share data easily and effectively through the organization. 

An organized database helps you to know how well is your organization performing. The most popular database management systems are Oracle 12c, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL. 

Project management frameworks

Project management frameworks are especially valuable in technology. Their main focus is on the necessary tools, tasks, and processes that need to build a successful project from beginning to end. 

OOP and MVC skills

Laravel is based on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, a laravel programmer must have skills in MVC architecture. 

Also, laravel use OOP (Object-oriented approach). Laravel developers must understand methods, traits, and classes. 

Soft skills

Besides technical skills, a laravel developer must have some necessary soft skills. Soft skills required for a laravel developer are 

  • No one can manage a whole project alone. That’s why a laravel developer should be a team player
  • Laravel programmers must have good communication skills. Good communication skills are necessary to develop the best laravel team. 
  • Facing problems while building a website is no need to tell. A laravel developer should be a problem solver. And bring creativity while designing a website. 

Keep updated with the latest versions 

PHP framework versions keep updated with the new features. Laravel frameworks also keep updated with the latest versions with the latest features. Laravel developers should keep updated with the latest framework version. 

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Wrapping up: Future of laravel web development 

The future of laravel is bright because of its constant update, ease to use, and bug fixing, laravel is the developers’ first choice. If you are thinking to grow your career in laravel then it’s a good choice.


Frequently asked questions

Which is the latest version of laravel?

The latest version of laravel is 9.41.0. Which was released on 23 November 2022.

A career in laravel is a good decision?

The answer is obviously yes. Career in laravel is a good decision because laravel is easy to adapt and its demand is expanding day by day.

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