The Impacts of Chatbots on E-commerce Customer Experience

Chatbots on E-commerce Customer Experience
Mushfika Al Nahian

The hype of E-commerce sites nowadays is unreal. You can just buy things with one tap.

Well, the goodness of E-commerce sites is provoking around 50% of the world’s population and the rate is going higher. Why is it so?

It saves you time and a penny to search for a product. An E-commerce site not only offers you tons of products in one scroll, but it also assures your preference, replies to you in real-time, and tries to place the product on your door within a few days.

So, what makes it unreal? The functional key element of the e-commerce business is “AI”. AI chatbots have taken the world of e-commerce to a next level.

Whether it’s the businessman or the customers, they all get wonderful results from AI in E-commerce. We know e-commerce can be Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and all are using AI for their customer relationship management (CRM) ultimately making the best ROI out of their business.

So chatbots are making things easy for both owners and customers. Yet manual replies/ customer services are needed on some points. So, how do chatbots make the customer experience more enriched in e-commerce? Are you curious to know that? Let’s see the impacts of chatbots.

The Blend of AI Chatbots and E-commerce

Do e-commerce chatbots need something different than the regular AI chatbots? Well, not. The E-commerce chatbots are the following:

Rule-Based Chatbots

These chatbots are based on a predictive model. There are pre-set questions/queries developed within your AI chatbots and when customers send messages to the e-commerce site, the rule-based chatbots will recognize their tone, flow of conversation, or simply the synonyms.

In this way, the chatbot will match the customer’s query with the preset developed questions and reply within no time. Many e-commerce websites use rule-based chatbots for handling businesses with accuracy and building CRM.

Yet, it’s a challenge for the business to build rule-based chatbots with the best prediction. Rule-based chatbots have another name known as Linguistic.

AI Chatbots

This chatbot simply uses the Natural Language Process and Machine learning process to conduct the conversation with the customers. No doubt it’s the most powerful type of chatbot to date.

Customers get most of the relevant answers and the AI chatbots don’t sound like “automated systems”. The best part is they mimic humans. The development of AI chatbots can be a costlier one.

But once you implement this in your E-commerce business, then your business will be lucky. AI/ contextual chatbots can store the previous data/conversation with the customer.

That helps E-commerce in many ways. Not only that, it will give your customers a privileged experience. So, the behemoths of small businesses in the e-commerce sites are relying on AI chatbots.

Hybrid Chatbots

The hybrid chatbots can be a mix of AI and rule-based. It can mimic humans at the same time it uses the best combination/prediction. When a business wants to add more charm to its CRM, it can go for hybrid chatbots. It detects the flow of conversation and replies in a natural way like AI

Voice Bots

Well, that’s a special one. ” Hey, Siri” is a very go-to action for people nowadays. Whatever, we want to know, just ask the AI tools with voice-over. Simply, E-commerce sites are implementing voice bots in their business. Thus, offering customers more convenient and effortless services in the shopping process, they don’t need to type anything.

Menu Chatbots

I guess, everyone is familiar with this one. It’s like customers are trying to get the desired answers in their effort and the menu/button chatbots are representing the best possible menu concerning the customer’s query.

However, the menu chatbots can be a good hand in dealing with customers’ FAQ section. But it is more time-consuming than the rest of the chatbots, and customers do not feel happy about it.

Many e-commerce sites like personal brands have apps that offer menu chatbots and famous in the market. It knows how to deal with customers’ queries in a simple hierarchical way. But do not pose enough language systems to deal with complexity.

Keyword chatbots can fall under the menu-button chatbots. How come? The keyword chatbots utilize the different keywords developed within them and then start functioning to give the consumers an answer.

The menu chatbot and the keyword chatbot have a slight difference. Keyword chatbot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deliver the appropriate answers. But it has a shortcoming.

The keyword-based chatbots get confused when they get similar types of questions and fail to work properly. But overall, they are also playing a good game in e-business.

Why Do E-commerce Sites Need Chatbots?

There is no scope to say no to AI in today’s day-to-day work. Many e-commerce businesses claim that their revenue increased due to the deployment of AI chatbots in business. Chatbots can handle many tasks one-handedly. Most of the growing e-commerce websites try to use machine learning AI chatbots or rule-based. Let’s see some of the best reasons to integrate chatbots in e-commerce:

Easy to Track Everything: AI chatbots can track your customer’s details, demands, and complaints in a row. It ultimately helps your business to look deeper into the arising issues and also the bright sides of your business.

Learning Thyself: A very common quote of Socrates is “know thyself” and AI chatbots are exactly similar to this action. Once you spend money to build this, you will never need to look back rather than the maintenance. AI chatbots grow their data bank by making conversation with the customers. More and more dealing enriches their data bank and also improves the mode of action.

Multilateral Business: AI allows your brand promotion in E-commerce. It helps you in omnichannel marketing. E-commerce sites on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and deploying the chatbots on these platforms would again help the customers to reach the landing page.

Complex Thinking: Well, AI chatbots allow e-businesses to get as much feedback as possible from customers. Thus, the business can follow the chalked pathway to fix the problems. E-commerce can find out from the scratch about the lacking and goodwills of the business using the AI chatbot data generalization. It helps in decision-making and further.

So, these are all goodwills an E-commerce can achieve by just integrating an AI chatbot into their business and that’s why it’s in demand all over.

Five Best Impacts of Chatbots on Customer Experience

Now that we explored why E-commerce is integrating chatbots into their business, it will be easier to explore how chatbots spread a positive impact on customer experiences. Of course, of any business, customers are at the core.

All the services, diversity of business, and product modifications are always for the users. However, AI chatbots are the frontier of E-commerce customer handling. The chatbots simply make things cozy for the customers. So, let’s count the best impacts of chatbots on customer experience

Fastest Communication

Once you tap, they are with you all the time. 24/7 customer service experience. The bots are never on leave. Users can ask any question about products/ services. It is reported that for those businesses that are not using chatbots, customers are leaving quickly with the empty cart. Due to the lack of quick services. 

Automated Customer Services

The chatbots do not only take orders. They do more. It can help the customers with the whole buying procedure and even after. Sending promos, services, and sales at different times of the year are some tasks of chatbots. It maintains an automated regularity with the customers. 

Offer Personalization and Customization in a Wide Range

The customer service representatives are busy with many complex chores. In this, the chatbots can take over all user’s needs. Customers can express what type of customization on which product they want. Based on customization, the AI generates data and the company calls for the personalization of a product/service if needed. So, this is needed for both ends.

Value the Customer’s Data

In the prior section, we saw how AI helps to generate data for business. But at the same time, it secures and saves customers’ data and value their opinion. Thus, valuing the customer’s opinion means value added to the business. 

Take The Relationship Forward

Once the customers are happy with everything. The AI chatbots can ask for ratings, feedback which is a scope of CRM and customer loyalty with the brand. It’s the same as valuing their opinions.

Sum Up

Chatbots are promoting a new story for E-commerce sites. The business is becoming visible, more indulged in omnichannel marketing, lead generation and lastly keeping the buying process easy for the customers.

E-commerce sectors are investing a lot to develop the ultimate chatbots for their customer service build. Often it can be a cumbersome thing. But once your bot is ready, then nothing can stop your business to hold customers. Chatbots are useful and always there. Hence, chatbots offer a jitter-free customer experience.

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