5 E-commerce platforms for non-WordPress sites in 2023

E-commerce platforms for non-WordPress sites
Mushfika Al Nahian

In the digital world, eCommerce platforms have become necessary for small businesses to reach their potential customers. Companies need to build an eCommerce website. 

For building an eCommerce website many business owners use WordPress. It’s flexible and easy to use. But now there are many platforms available that are alternatives to WordPress. Most of the platforms are designed especially for an online store. 

Many think that non-WordPress eCommerce platforms aren’t flexible or secure enough. There are list non-WordPress sites that are perfect for building an eCommerce website. 

Why do you need an eCommerce platform?

An eCommerce platform is an online system that makes buying and selling products or services easy. It is a sort of software element to maintain an online store effectively. Has all the necessary elements that you need. 

Following are some reasons why you need an eCommerce platform.

  • cost-effective and time-consuming.
  • get the best value for your money
  • less technical skills required

In the market, there’s a large number of eCommerce platforms available. Some offers monthly or yearly subscriptions, some offers free, and also some for a lifetime purchase. 

  • ShopMart
  • Wix
  • Zaika
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace


ShopMart is the best choice for small businesses. This eCommerce solution is mainly for those who have less technical knowledge. It’s a laravel eCommerce platform. This platform has 7 days free trial. 

ShopMart has three pricing plans available. Each pricing plan is for a lifetime. This means purchasing one time and using it for a lifetime with the latest updates.

This platform is easy to use and no coding skills are required. ShopMart could be the best alternative to WordPress for creating an eCommerce website. It has two homepage variants. You can customize your website easily and design it according to your choice. 


  • Advanced inventory, coupon, and shopping module
  • 20+ payment gateway
  • 50+ page builders addons
  • SSL certificate
  • Social media and SEO tools
  • Customization is available (if you have any coding knowledge)
  • Mobile app
  • Fully responsive
  • 700+ google fonts
  • Google Analytics settings
  • Blogging functions
  • Custom domain
  • Images and videos added


Wix is a free eCommerce website builder. It’s the best choice for small businesses’ online stores. It offers a free plan which gives you unlimited page creation options. But its free plan has limited options. 


  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile optimized
  • SEO tools and social media tools
  • Flexible


Zaika is another non-WordPress eCommerce platform. This eCommerce solution is perfect for those who are ignorant of coding. It allows small business owners to create a unique eCommerce store simply. This solution offers 24/7 customer support. With its drag-and-drop features, you can add any items you want. 


  • Home page variants
  • Drag and drop page builder support
  • Unlimited products and inventory management
  • Responsive design and auto search complete
  • 15+ payment gateway integrated
  • Marketing tools integrated
  • Custom domain
  • Colors and fonts customization
  • SSL certificate


Shopify is one of the popular eCommerce platforms. This eCommerce solution allows its user to customize and design sites easily. It has basic and advanced plans but this platform is more costly than other platforms.


  • Free professional themes are available
  • Easily customize fonts and colors
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Unlimited products
  • Marketing tools added
  • Mobile responsive
  • Secured and 24/7 customer support


Squarespace is for small businesses. It’s very simple and suitable for online businesses. Its basic plan at $26 with unlimited pages and bandwidth. 


  • Unique templates
  • Add social media platforms
  • Mobile responsive
  • Unlimited products

Benefits of eCommerce platforms for non-WordPress sites

These days people go for non-WordPress sites for creating an eCommerce website. By signing up one can easily create a website without hiring a developer. 


Building a website with WordPress requires hiring a developer. Hiring a developer is a high cost. Business owners prefer non-WordPress sites like website builders, eCommerce platforms, CMS, etc. They only need to sign up. 


A non-WordPress site saves time. Creating a website with WordPress requires much time. Besides, non-Wordpress sites don’t take much time. 

Less technical knowledge required 

Building a website with WordPress requires technical knowledge. Apart from that non-WordPress sites requires less technical knowledge. 

Considerations for choosing an eCommerce platform


When you start a business you need to consider the price of an eCommerce platform. Starting a business with a strict budget you need to consider the price of an eCommerce solution. Know the price, benefits, functions, and features of each solution, and then select one. 

Secured payment options

Make sure the solution you choose has secured payment processing. When you build an online store your store has customer’s data. When a customer makes a payment ensure that their information is secured. That’s the reason eCommerce solutions must have secured payment processing. 

Marketing tools

After building an eCommerce store you need to promote your website. Otherwise how your targeted audience is going to know about you? An eCommerce platform must have the necessary marketing tools integrated SEO tools, social media tools, email marketing tools, etc. 

Device and browser compatibility

An eCommerce platform should be compatible enough with devices and major browsers. Website traffic mostly comes from mobile devices. Ensure that the solution you are choosing is compatible with mobile devices. 

Wrapping up

E-commerce platforms for non-WordPress sites are powerful and simple ways to get your business running fast. It is a must to do research on various options and choose the suitable one. 

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