ShopMart eCommerce platform - Create a single vendor eCommerce website with PHP script

Make your eCommerce website dynamic with ShopMart. Provides an all-in-one eCommerce solution. With ShopMart, you can build a fast and secure website without any bother. It’s flexible for the small, medium, and large eCommerce industries.  

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Designed For Small To Large Business

ShopMart is designed for small to large businesses. Expand your business from a small to a large one with ShopMart. Boost your business, sell, and revenue online. Shopmart is ready for your online business. 

  • Customers easily find what they are looking for
  • Unlimited user account creation option
  • Easily customization option available for any kind of business
  • Drag & drop page builder, menu builder, form builder, widget builder

SEO Friendly

ShopMart is completely SEO-friendly. Has all the necessary tools for SEO optimization. Your potential customers can find you easily. Add meta title, meta description, og meta.

Responsive platform & App

ShopMart is a completely responsive platform. It’s well-compatible with any kind of device and also goes with major browsers. Its mobile app is available for both android and ios users.

Secured & fast

This platform is a secure & fast eCommerce platform. After creating this platform we checked out its loading speed and security system.

Marketing tools added

We have added marketing tools required for an eCommerce website. SEO, newsletter module, email templates for email marketing.

Pricing plan

We have categorized the pricing plan according to its uses. Purchase one time and use it for a lifetime. Also, you will get a free update and lifetime support from us.

Secured 20+ Payment procedure

It has secured payment procedures. Customers can pay easily with their desired payment method.

Dynamic design

ShopMart has 2 homepage variants with dynamic designs which attracts your customers. These homapages also look good on any device.

Support ticket

For any customer support, customers can submit a support ticket regarding their issues.

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Get the complete deal for your eCommerce store

ShopMart is a complete package to run your eCommerce business. From the super admin panel, you have complete control over the website. The Super admin can change the complete system if he wants.  Manage your inventory, orders, product stock, etc.   


Home Page


Page Builder Addons


App (IOS & Android)

20+ Payment gateways available to get paid

ShopMart has 20+ payment gateways on its website. So customers can use their flexible payment method. They can get all the famous payment gateway on their website so they easily done their payment by this website payment gateway. It has built-in support for Paypal, Paytm, Flutterwave, Mollie, Stripe, Razorpay, Paystack, Midtrans, Payfast, Cashfree, Instamojo, Mercadopago, Cinetpay, Squareup, Paytabs, BillPlz,Zitopay etc.


shopmart admin panel

Extensive and Details
Admin Dashboard

From the Admin panel, you have complete control over the whole website. You can change the layout, design, and name of the website. You can manage orders, blogs, tax, mobile apps, country, state, etc. You can manage the roles and permissions of other admins.  

Advanced features & modules

inventory management

Advance inventory module

ShopMart comes with an advanced inventory module that allows you to manage your individual product checklist. You can check your product stock and add new products. it also allow you to manage your stock, you can set inventory based on color , size and your create custom attributes. you can also set image with that inventory variant along with additional price.

  • Product variant-wise inventory manage
  • Product size & color wise inventory manage
  • Manage your product stock

coupon settings

Advance coupon module

Its advanced coupon module helps your customers to buy products using coupon codes. You can set coupons with a percentage for a limited period of time. you can set coupon code for individual product, or for any specific category products.

  • Add a new coupon, coupon code
  • Specific products coupon
  • Coupon for specific category/subcategory
  • Coupon expire date

product campaign

Campaign module

This PHP script comes with a campaign module, which allows you to create a promotional offer for your products. You can set a discount or coupon for your product for a certain time with limited stock.

  • Ability to give discount in individual product of campaign
  • You can set limited number of stock for individual product
  • You can set start an end time of promotional campaign
  • You can set a percentage of discount or a fixed amount of discount for the product

eCommerce Shipping settings

Advance Shipping Module


It has an advanced shipping module that gives you the full right to set whatever you want. Based on country or state you can set shipping zone and shipping method.

  • Set shipping zone
  • Add a new shipping method
  • Set conditions for the shipping cost
  • Option to make it taxable or not

additional css/js code

Custom CSS/JS Settings

You can customize your own CSS/JS code to the script front. It will help if you want to add any script code for tracking such as Facebook pixels.

  • Tracking Facebook pixels
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Any Kind of Javascript Code
  • Any Kind of CSS Code

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iPhone 12 Proo

Flutter Mobile App To Boost Your Sales (IOS & Android)

Shopmart has a mobile app for the website user. This app only can use by shopmart mobile app users. If any customer uses this app they can use it on their mobile.

Customers can place orders, make payments, and check out from the mobile app. Also, they can check their order history and other shopping actions.

Manage your business easily with our Drag and Drop settings

Drag & Drop Page Builder

ShopMart has a drag-and-drop page builder. You can drag and drop any of the pre-build page builder addons to create your own page. You have total control over the site.  

  • 50+ Pre Made Addons
  • Section name change
  • Change any content
  • Update featured image
  • Section add or remove
  • Create any page using Drag & Drop Page builder
  • Create or customise page according to your need

Page Builder

Drag & Drop Menu Builder

Its drag and drops menu builder goes with mega menu support. It has the option to add a mega menu and you can also select mega menu items. Also, you can shorten any menu item or dropdown to make it short.

  • Add product to menu 
  • Add custom link to menu
  • Set order by dragging menu item
  • Create dropdown menu item by dragging
  • Create your own menu using drag & drop page builder and set it for frontend.

menu builder

Drag & Drop Widget Builder

This PHP script comes with 09 pre-made widget builders. You can build a footer widget area with your needed widget. You can also use raw HTML for the widget area, you can show the newsletter widget or you can just show an image here. It’s up to you. 

  • Footer area can be customise using widget builder.
  • Blog page sidebar can be customise as per your need.

Widget Builder

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Its drag-and-drop form builder comes with awesome features. You can easily customize this script. Also if you want to add or remove any field you can do it. It has

  • Text Input
  • Number Input
  • Email Input
  • Select 
  • Checkbox
  • Textarea
  • File, etc fields


Convenient Pricing

30% OFF


Only Web App


  • All features in Included in this platform.
  • 2 variants of home pages.
  • 1 website license
  • Premium Quality Support.
  • Free Installation ( Cpanel Only )
  • Mobile App Api Ready
  • Mobile App Source Code (IOS & Android)
  • Mobile Configure
  • Mobile App Build ( Android & IOS)
  • Mobile App Release in Google Play Store
  • Mobile App Release in Apple App Store
  • 14 Days Refund
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Online Documentation
  • Video Tutorials

30% OFF


Web + Mobile App (Installation + Config)


  • All features in Included in this platform.
  • 2 variants of home pages.
  • 1 website license
  • Premium Quality Support.
  • Free Installation (Web App & Mobile App)
  • Mobile App Api Ready
  • Mobile App Source Code (IOS & Android)
  • Mobile Configure
  • Mobile App Build ( Android & IOS)
  • Mobile App Release in Google Play Store
  • Mobile App Release in Apple App Store
  • 14 Days Refund
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Online Documentation
  • Video Tutorials

Note: All prices are given in USD exclusive TAX/ VAT. TAX/ VAT will be charged depending on the destination country.

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