If you think our product doesn’t meet your requirements for your business you can ask for a refund within the first 14 days of the original purchase date. We will not interrogate. We will approve your request without asking any questions.

There are a few steps to keep in mind before you ask for a refund:

  • First, inform us what problems you are facing and we will try to solve them
  • Second, we may ask for feedback on product improvement
  • Third, we will admire it if you share the causes of the refund

Submit a refund request through our support desk

We don’t accept refund requests if

  • You threaten us, misuse our products
  • After 14 days of purchasing from the original date

Refund time

We will try our best to refund within 7 business date to your bank account. However, it may take a few hours to transfer money into your bank account depending on the time required by banks. 

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