Reasons Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework

Reasons why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework
Mushfika Al Nahian

Whether you are a code expert or non-coder, you will find it handy if the codes are already organized in a way.

If you want to run any applications, you can do it in an in-built framework. That is the PHP framework.

Where the Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is the programming language and has the designated framework for it.

I think we all know about this. So, it’s easy to start an application with the PHP framework.

You don’t have to write up all the codes from the beginning. Perhaps, the coders can focus on their applications more.

There are many PHP frameworks to go with. But today, it’s all about the Laverel the best PHP framework.

You can get a broad overview of this framework. How to use and why to use this framework. Let’s explore the Laveral Framework altogether. Here we begin.

What is Laraval Framework?

Well, you already know it’s a PHP framework to make development applications.

Software engineers want a designed platform where they can run the codes easily, and take help from the library of that platform.

Laravel framework started its journey back in 2011. From the Laravel.1 version, 2011 now it has the Laravel 10 version. In general, each version has its pros and cons.

The latest version 10, 2023 has many additional features for the users. Like it has a new password helper method, deprecated method removal, quick project applications, and a process facade.

Laravel Framework has evolved in many ways to serve software engineers with the greatest support. So, Laravel has widespread popularity and functionality.

The future of Laravel is shining. Because it emphasizes security, new development tools, and libraries.

Also, the CMS integration in the Laravel framework gives more ease to software development. So, web developers love the Laravel framework.

Why Laravel is The Best PHP Framework

Let’s see the top features of the Laravel PHP framework one by one to make your best decision in a row. The features are:

MVC Architecture

This feature of Laravel is the top one. MVC is the Mobile View Controller architecture.

It is a great way for the controller to differentiate the Model(Logic) and View(Presentation).

Thus the controller feels easy to run a long and complex project. It has a lot of in-built features that a programmer can add. You can explore the numerous views on the model.

Here the model is the store database, then the view is the final application pattern and the controller is the mid-way between these two.

Where the controller can send data from the model to view. It provides a scope for the developer to build long projects in a secure, improved way.

However, the developer can even edit and preview based on how the web applications look from the point of view of the audience. More than 1.3 million web developers use the Laravel framework.

Library of Laravel

Another good thing about the Laravel framework that the developers love to practice is the libraries and modularity.

Thus it offers an object-oriented library. It has built-in libraries and the developers find it easy to deal with it.

The library setup matches the ongoing software development. There are many libraries that you can’t find in the other PHP framework.

Consequently, it provides code encryption, authentication, password resetting, and active user monitoring for advanced handling.

So, for smart web development, the smart Laravel library is reliable.

Smart ORM feature

The object regional mapping library is another perk of Laravel. Developers can use the easy and effective Syntex to find their queries in the database.

The ORM doesn’t require long SQL and MySQL. Another thing the ORM helps is to follow the simple math for the user table.

When a developer wants to modify the table of any model, he can readily do that. So, it’s a good thing about Laravel and its data management system.

The FORM of Laravel is known as Eloquent. All the data of the user in Eloquent is represented as the object.

Moreover, the interactive interface of this feature allows the user to update, and edit every database system easily.

Unit Testing

Unit testing is another brilliant feature of Laravel. Developers can evaluate the repetitive processes with this.

It helps the developers to monitor the software quality control. There is no need for third-party tools. The artisan command line is used to conduct the unit test.

Here unit tests can be divided into two sections one is the feature and the other is the unit. Where the unit is used for the small codes and the feature is used for the larger codes.

It draws a comparison between the components and modules. The unit test helps to build wonderful, bug-free, and high-performing websites.

Efficient Template Engine-Blade

It is another reason why developers love Laravel so much. The developer can use the blade templates instead of the pre-designed packages.

Blade template combines all the templates through the data model without the overhead app. This is known as template inheritance.

The developer can arrange the components into layers/layouts. Then he can again regain those.

You can get the template inheritance and different widgets to make a well-developed website.

Artisan Command Line

This tool Laravel helps the coder to make his command line. It provides a structure for the coders.

The coder can avoid repetitive tasks with this and also transfer the commands, making the database structure, etc.

So, there is a front-end framework, code seeding, etc. That means the artisan command line interface allows the user to conduct the coding more simply and easily. You don’t have to redo the tasks manually.

Advanced Security

The security of Laravel is another reason. Despite being an open-source PHP framework.

You don’t need to worry about the security and password. Your password in the database will be encrypted.

Laravel Framework uses the Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm to deal with the password. If you are worried about the online scams, then don’t worry.

You will get the CSRF token in the database. It saves you from online threats.


Moreover, the Laravel framework has a great authentication system. You don’t need to write the authentication codes.

It contains in-built authentication. So, You can just update the versions. Then go for a model, and database view options to make the web applications.

Large Community

The users of the Laravel Framework are huge. So, when a software developer is exposed to the larger community, he can seek help from anyone.

It is easy to understand the terms and conditions of this application. You get dynamic software with the Laravel framework at the same time you have a large community to communicate with.

Open Source

The Laravel framework is 100% free. Once you enter the framework, you can discover the templates, run PHP codes, and view your models.

No need to worry about the regular updates or plugins. Even if it’s free, you will get these on your screen on time.

Small to big web applications all love it. It gives the developer full freedom. So, he can modify his applications even if the framework is free!

Easy to use and Schedule

The Laravel Framework is simple to use for the developer as stated earlier. Fast and dynamic web applications are the result of minimal effort.

Moreover, the in-built tools are a great support for the users. The schedule and management of the framework help the users a lot.

The developer can disburse the emails and notifications at their preferred time without giving manual effort.

Because the system is automated. There is an option to schedule the web application tasks in the Laravel Framework.



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Complex or Simple? Laravel PHP framework can handle all of this. The route protection, unit testing, ORM, security, MVC, and of course being open source make the Laravel favorite to all the web developers.

You can’t go wrong with this framework. Moreover, it omits the manual effort of the developers and allows them to make it easier, and time-saving.

So, what do you want more? Get the top benefits of web development right now!

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