Event Planning For E-commerce Flash Sale

Event Planning For E-commerce Flash Sale
Mushfika Al Nahian

When you have a lot of stuff on your shelf and shop, you need to reset your sales department. You know there are a bunch of e-commerce websites and they are always trying to grab your attention through their notifications. With their sale posts and newsletter, they are always showcasing their shop. Unlike mortar and brick, digital shops are always showcasing their product. Of course, on an e-commerce website, there are a lot of marketing strategies. For example, event planning for e-commerce flash sale, black Friday sales etc are hopping in the digital shopping trend now. Now if you are planning for the flash sales, then this read is for you. You will get all the exciting plans regarding flash sales. So, let’s make the next event plan now…

What is a Flash Sale?

Flash sales mean the sudden sale of certain products for a limited time. Your authentic customers or new shoppers will hop in to seek what you are offering. But yes, your flash sale event must have some perks that will make your visitors into your ultimate buyers. According to e-commerce research, a flash sale should not last more than 2 days. That means 48 hours. It lifts your flash sale event and shoppers are more driven to buy your products. Flash sales are needed for the brands when they have a huge inventory or excess inventory. An excess inventory can occur for so many reasons. You can have a bunch of products in your storage in comparison to demand. High pricing of the products can also cause this. So, then you have to go for a flash sale. 

How to Launch The Best Event Planning For E-commerce Flash Sale

To make your flash sale a successful one, you need to be careful about a couple of things. These things will help you to know your system and the purpose of the flash sale. Unlike the big e-commerce sites like Amazon and Alibaba, you can also hit the right track of flash sales, if you work on some particular things. So, let’s see the point that you have to mark one by one.

Set Your Plan

For any big business step, planning is a prerequisite. You need to figure out how to start and where to end. Check your inventories. If you have excess inventories, try to figure that out. Which product or which shopping trends need the flash sale? Moreover, survey your customers about the products. Their thoughts and demand and buying trend is crucial before setting the sale. However, without any mission or vision, your flash sale can never be on track. So, catch up with your team. Ask suggestions and analyze the market then get set.

Choosing The Products

Okay, in the flash sale, you will showcase your products. But what types of products? Is it the regular products? Or something different? Of course, for the products that are in excess on your shelf or storage, you will want them to be sold. Off-season products, high-price products, and products that have high maintenance costs need to be sold. But you have to be smart while featuring the products. Ultimately you want the buyers to accept it. So, it is all for profit. But definitely in flash sales, you have to overlook the profit margin sometimes. Because your maintenance cost or the storage of the older products is causing you loss in the business. So, selling them at a lower price might not cause a big profit. But at least a relief. So what should be the product type? 

  • Products that have been on your shelf for a longer time
  • Over-priced products
  • Products that are not in trend now
  • seasonal products
  • Also, the high-maintenance products that increase your overhead pricing

Duration and Trend of The Flash Sale

Of course, the flash sale is not an all-year thing. Your flash sales will occur at certain times of the year. It’s not a regular thing. Some e-commerce sites call out flash sales very often. But it reduces the authenticity. Your customers or new shoppers will assume that you will go for flash sales very often. So take it for granted. So, know your timing. When you have a correct plan set and enough products for sale, then go for it. Your sale should be on board for 48 hours. Because longer sales time will not drive the buyers. Try to come up with a strong message. Like” Sale for only 2 days, grab your products” “Crazy sale”, etc. Some plugins automate the duration of flash sales. So, as a managing team, you might not need to worry about this. So, the duration of the flash sale is an essential factor to keep in mind. Otherwise, your sale would be like an ordinary sale, not a game-changing one.

Customer Support

You should be just one tap away to serve your customers when you are in flash sale mode. Use the live chat option, customer support that helps you to be available at your earliest convenience. When your customers come to query about the sale of products, pitch them with your best script. Notify them about your products. Talk with them. It will help you.

Marketing Strategies

The flash sale should be like a sudden storm in your business. But you need to have plans for it. Digital marketing strategies will help you with this. You can render newsletter marketing, email marketing, Pop up notifications with your app, etc to grab the customer’s attention. The fear of missing out(FOMO) works best for flash sales. Add the timer to your pages. Create SEO-friendly pages, and social media marketing to make your flash sale a running one. Remember the more you show up, it will gain genuine leads. Also, the visual context, infographics, and text, these things affect your sales business.

Intended Customers

It depends on your preference. What types of customers do you want to bring to your table? It can be a new one or your regular customer. In terms of regular customers, when you offer them flash sales, your business will gain more customer loyalty. Also sometimes, you can set the flash sales to grab your new fan base. Like through email marketing, you can get new leads and offer them flash sales. However, the customer survey helps to rethink one thing which is the product. The search histories, your customer’s cart trend, etc will help you to choose what is left on your shelf. And analyze why it’s not hitting the market. 

Rate of Discount

Of course, flash sales always have steep discounts. But it’s necessary to review the rate. The rate makes it easier to differentiate between the customers as well. You can’t make a really low price for your discount products. If it has a high inventory, review its worthy market rate of that time, calculate your loss profit, then state the rate. For new customers, you give a huge sale, so that they can become your loyal ones. But for your regular customers, you need to end with high-quality products and the rate will be also a bit higher.

Payment Option

Of course, as you run an e-commerce site, you must have various payment options on your site according to your market and customers. It can be cash on delivery, card payment, or other payment gateways. Because the purpose of your flash sale is all about clearing stock as well as getting new customers. So, having the maximum payment option is a great deal for you. Moreover, the free shipment option can add extra value to your flash sale. It is seen that 50% of the buyers are happy to buy more products in flash sale when the e-shop provides free shipment.

What Not to do in a Flash Sale Event?

Be a doer. You want your flash sale to take away your excess inventory and leave some money in your pocket. So be careful about what types of products you are offering, what type of service, and so on.

  • Never give so much discount or long-duration flash sales.
  • Bad customer service is not allowed in flash sale
  • It can upset the customer if they hear that the sale product is stocked out. So, make sure you have enough inventory of this product.
  • Creating one strategy for new and regular customers is another big mistake. Prepare different plans for the different levels of customers. So, it makes the sale a solid one.


Now that you know about the flash sale and why it is needed in your e-commerce sites, you can make your next one. For that, you need to have enough higher inventories or products that require the sale. Remember unnecessary flash sales raises a risk in your business. You want the flash sales to bring new customers and a bit of profit into your business. So, if you follow the above event planning strategies and merge these into your business you will be able to crack a great flash sale. So, don’t miss out!

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