10 Crowdfunding Marketing Tactics for Successful Campaigns

Crowdfunding Marketing Tactics
Mushfika Al Nahian

Marketing is a crucial aspect of a successful crowdfunding campaign. But it is difficult to crack the market when the competition is too high. That is why a strategic marketing solution is a must to ensure maximum reach for your funding. And so, we bought you the top 10 exclusive crowdfunding marketing tactics you can follow to bring success to your campaign. However, before going directly to the marketing tactics, let’s first know about attracting donors for crowdfunding- 

How To Attract Donors For Crowdfunding?

Creative and strategic marketing is the best way to attract donors for crowdfunding. And to do so, emphasize both online & offline promotion. Bring your funding project to life using graphics and animation in the pitch video. Adding real-time cases and story-telling for promoting campaigns is an excellent move to attract the doner. 

Besides, offering rewards and thanksgiving also encourages donors to participate in crowdfunding. However, you will find thousands of exclusive ideas to attract donors in the below section of the article. So, without any further delay, let’s explore- 

10 Crowdfunding Marketing Tactics

Here are the top 10 marketing ideas/ tactics which you can implement in your crowdfunding campaign- 

Set A Clear Goal

Remember, people will join your crowdfunding campaign only if they see the finish line. So, make your goal clear. You must let your target audience understand why you are raising the fund, your aims, and goals, how investors will benefit (if it is a profitable campaign), what social impact it can create, and more. And to make all these possible, first ensure these below facts- 

  • Create a Catchy Fundraiser Title: The title is essential to a fundraising campaign. So, use an attractive title that will grab people’s attention. But don’t over-do the title, making the audience confused. It should be brief but clear and addressable to its targeted audience.
  • Set The Right Goal Amount: Don’t get greedy while choosing the amount for fundraising. Know the market, study the competitors, and then come to a decision. Remember, your goal is to finish the project anyhow. So, keep your feet to the ground, and choose the right amount for raising funds. Don’t come with any amount that will raise a question in the donor/investors’ mind. 
  • Choose the Right Fundraiser Thumbnail/Poster: A thumbnail or poster is the best medium to attract the target audience to the project visually. So, selecting an appropriate poster or thumbnail that coordinates with the fundraising intention is essential. For example- if you are raising funds for a child development campaign, the posters should have icons and images related to this subject. However, you can choose real-time images to add to the thumbnail/poster or go for animation. Both options are equally popular these days. And using this technique, you can reach your audience faster. 

Select The Right Platform

Choosing the right platform is one of the most crucial aspects of cracking your campaign marketing. There are thousands of crowdfunding platforms, but all are not designed for every funding category. So, to boost your campaign, you must choose the ideal platform that fulfills the requirement of your funding. For example- if you want personal funding, use platforms like GoFundMe. Again, for non-profitable donations, crowdfunding platforms like Mightycause are a great option. 

Likewise, there are specialized platforms like Riselab that relate to the funding for homeless children, women, and the poor. Apart From all these, you will find some platforms that support funding for all categories, whether for business, personal, or charity purposes. This category of the crowdfunding platform has the most crowd; for example- Kickstarter & Fundorex. Here is the list of some widely popular crowdfunding platforms- 

Crowdfunding Platforms  Fundraising Sector 
Fundorex  All types of funding 
Kickstarter All types of funding 
Patreon For creators 
Raiselab Homeless children, women, and the poor
GoFundMe Personal fundraising 
Fundable Small businesses
Mightycause Nonprofits
StartEngine High-growth startups

Besides going for the category, you should also focus on other factors to choose the ideal platform for your funding. Such as- 

  • Payment Gateways: Funding deals you currency; in this case, payment gateway is vital to consider when choosing a crowdfunding platform. Fewer payment options can limit your fund-collecting range. That is why it is better to go for platforms with multiple payment options. In this case, Fundorex is your ultimate solution! It offers over 17 payment gateways, including bank transfer, Paypal, Paystock, Paytm, etc. Thus, you can widen your fundraising options by choosing Fundorex. 
  • Security: Choose a platform that assures the donations you earn are safe and at the right hand. In this case, strict admin monitoring is essential, which includes permission for each money withdrawal process. 
  • Flexibility: Your crowdfunding platform should be compatible with major browsing systems. This will widen the sectors for approaching the donors. Besides, Most people are now using their phones. So, if your platform has a mobile app, it will add an extra advantage to your campaign.
  • User Experience: Your experience while working with a crowdfunding platform is equally important for investors or donors. So, prioritize customization, and update and reward facilities in choosing platforms. For example- having Drag and Drop Module, logging in with Facebook & Google, etc., will make it easy for you to present your funding to the max crowd. 

Thus, following these facts, you can quickly choose the right platform. 

Create a Great Pitch Video 

A pitch video is the most attractive way to engage your audience. This creates a great opportunity to interact with the donors for selling your project. That is why it is essential to create a successful pitch video. Here is how you can make one- 

  • Story Telling: Marketing is all about displaying your product in the most attractive way possible. And to do so, go for storytelling. You are free to add a personal touch to the video to make the audience more engaging. Let the audience know how you came up with the campaign, your goals, and why you seek funds. Include all these factors in the pitch video in a narrative format, and let the audience connect with your concept and vision. 
  • Be Clear & Precise: While creating the pitch video, keep the objective of your campaign in mind. Don’t overdo the starry telling that foreshadows your goal for fundraising. Keep the concept clear and precise; the target audience must quickly catch what you want from them. 
  • Use Real-Life Facts: Make a clear approach to real-life problems, facts, or solutions, that the audience can relate to. While pitching, always remember building a connection with the donor or investor is the most challenging and crucial part. So, make your video as realistic as possible; use practical examples and images to present your product. 
  • Consider The Video Length & Quality: Video length is a fact the fundraiser often neglects. Learn the psychology of the audience. If your video is too long, it can’t keep the viewer’s attention till the end. So, always keep the video short but forceful. And as for the quality, visuals, of course, matter. So, focus on the video’s overall quality, including content, storyline, animations, graphics, voice, etc. 

Do Enough Research

Before going live with your campaign, know the market and do your research. For that, you must know what a good and bad campaign is. Get ideas for making your campaign successful. Look for your competitor and bring out what strategies they are implementing and take learning from that. 

Speak to the experts and get their advice. If possible, contact the entrepreneurs and other fundraisers about the issues they faced during crowdfunding and how they coped with it. Having this knowledge will help you while entering the platform. It will also inspire you and make you strong to face any unexpected situation in crowdfunding. 


Before reaching the funding platform, pre-fund your campaign as much as possible. Experts advise collecting at least 30% of the funding before seeking from any platform. Implement an effective marketing plan for creating public awareness

Before going live, you should focus on raising money and developing a fan group for your startup. So, when you get into the platform, you will not require to introduce yourself. You will already have a well-reputed brand impression that will help to raise funds quickly and effectively. Besides, pre-campaign also boosts the trust of the doner and encourages them to invest their valuable time and money in your project. 

Focus On SEO 

Visibility matters when you are collecting funds for a cause. And whether it is a profitable or non-profitable campaign, SEO is a must for increasing your inorganic visibility. SEO will allow you to reach the target audience in the least time possible. It further keeps your campaign engaging and enhances brand/product reputation. Now you may ask what SEO is and how to crack it. 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which allows your content to rank higher in the google SERP. So, your product will appear first whenever a person searches for related content. Thus, SEO is undoubtedly the best solution to increase engagement on your page and create public awareness. So, hire an SEO content writer ASAP and focus on on-page and off-page SEO too. 

Some crowdfunding campaigns have highly skilled SEO teams who make their content approachable and thus gain wide popularity. So, you can also go for this technique to boost your campaign. 

Q & A Response

Crowdfunding platforms are great for quickly grabbing your target audience’s attention. And to keep this engagement, a fast and correct response to the audience’s questions is a smart move. Ensure maximum approach to your investors, and be accurate and polite in responding to the comments. Don’t play the guessing game. If someone asks any technical question, provide them with 100% authentic and accurate information. 

But reading and answering all the comments instantly will be a headache and will kill your time. So, be smart and always prepare some template responses before going to live. For this, research the comment section of the competitors, and get an idea of the question you may face from the audience. Prepare these answers; don’t let others take over the conversation before you. Always take the lead for your campaign because the outside response can sometimes negatively impact your project. 

Keep Up The Momentum

Collecting the fund is not the end of the game; you should keep the donors engaging in raising a second round. Here are some suggestions to help you boost your campaign:

  • Updates

It’s crucial to regularly update participants and potential donors on your fundraising progress to maintain their interest. Depending on the length of your campaign, sharing your growth monthly or biweekly will help to boost your fund. Here are some ideas to keep your doner updated- 

  • Send a brief update on the fundraiser’s status.
  • Share any organization-related news.
  • Post images from any charity activities that support your cause.
  • Ask your donors to tell two to three close acquaintances about your fundraiser.
  • Thank your backers and acknowledge the top five donors in public.
  • Highlight any significant anniversaries. It’s fantastic to let supporters know when a fundraiser has reached 50% of its target because this motivates them to donate more or spread the word about the development to their network.
  • Rewards

Rewarding is an excellent move to encourage your donors to keep up the monument. You can offer several product units, though we strongly advise simple product-centric rewards. Even an experience reward is an excellent choice because it allows backers to engage with you or your product uniquely. Decide on the ideal reward prices and make a price, establish your perfect margin, and research the market. You might also offer lower-level rewards items like stickers, t-shirts, hats, and other SWAGs. But in some cases providing real service as a reward is best to reward your donors. 

  • Plan Of Action (POA)

In crowdfunding, you need to have a plan of action whether you succeed in your goal. You must have a plan in your mind for every move and situation that you may face in the future. So, always keep yourself prepared.

  • Thanks Giving 

Ensuring your donors know they are valued is essential to keeping a solid donor base. If donors feel appreciated and have received a thank you note, they are more likely to make another donation. Besides, potential donors may be more inclined to give again if they can tell how much your campaign values its supporters. So, never skip a beat to be grateful and thank your donors. 

Grab Attention

To seek the attention of your target audience, never skip a beat. Use all your contacts, online and offline, to gather maximum reach. To do this, you can follow the below tactics-

  • Collaborate with celebrities: Celebrities are the most known faces to the commoners. They can influence society and the mind of the people. So, collaborating with celebrities will be an excellent move if you want a mass crowd, especially for non-profitable crowdfunding. 
  • Social Media: In this modern era, social media is a powerful platform for creating public awareness. It is the most engaging and populated sector to reach the target audience. You can approach Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to raise funds. Besides, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for approaching investors. 
  • Email Marketing: Sending an email to your contact list with a link to your campaign is a direct and effective way to get devoted customers to participate in your fundraiser. Include information about your promotion and all the details they need to participate. This will grab the attention of the doner and will encourage them to donate to your campaign. 
  • Use Personal Contact: Utilize every inch of your network to raise funding. Involve your family, friends, clients, and colleagues in the campaign. Even the unknown who isn’t donating can share the campaign with their contact, adding value to your business. And this way, you can bring visibility to your campaign and boost it effectively.

Keep Patience

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. So, never rush cause success will not come overnight. Go slow but be ambitious. You will get a thousand options for funding, and everyone will not get impressed by your ideas. So, give your best and keep going. 

You should anticipate many failures with your first crowdfunding effort, just like with startups. Learn from your mistakes. Choose the best platforms for you, make final edits before posting, and remember that timing is everything. Pay attention to improving yourself and look for betterment.

The Bottom Line 

From the above discussion, now you know how to market your campaign like a pro for raising maximum crowdfunding. Yet, to sum up, the very first step is to set a goal of what you are planning and how to implement it. Next, choose a platform ideal for your campaign to present your idea. But, before going live, it is essential to have enough knowledge about the marketplace and its competitors. 

In marketing, social media is crucial in creating engagement for your project. So, utilize them in the best way possible. Besides, attractive images, thumbnails, and pitch videos are also essential to make your campaign successful.

However, among all these factors, selecting the right crowdfunding platform is the most important part of your campaign. So, choose the platform wisely. In this case, Fundorex can help you out! It offers strict monitoring and secure transition for crowdfunding and donation. Besides, it has options to customize your fundraising script quickly. What is more impressive about this platform is its super flexible payment gateways.

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