How to leave a review at codecanyon product

How To Get Your purchase code For codecanyon Or Themeforest

We are very luckily to have customers like you, Who likes to spread words about our work.

It’s pretty straightforward and Take just a minute for you.

Step: 01

Login to your Codecanyon Account and go to the download page

give rating step 01
Step: 02

go to your desire product which you want to give review, then click on 5 star

give review step 2 1
Step: 03

now select main reason to give ratings

give review step 3
Step: 04

write few word in comments.

give rating step 04
Step: 05

now click on save review button and your it’s done. review complete

Your Words and 5 star ratings inspire us to work hard and Get more updates for you.

thanks you so much for your review.

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