Agency Freelancer or Full-Time Employee – Picking The Right Path For Your Business

Agency Freelancer or Full-Time Employee
Mushfika Al Nahian

You want to develop your website the right way. Of course, you need a web-developing platform for that.

In some cases, web development platforms are easier for the owners to use and operate. They are low code/ no code, drag and drop, and many other handy features.

But to some extent, you might need to build a team that will make your website a fully functioning one.

You can share your ideas with them, they will figure out what is required for your website and what types of plugins can trigger your website visibility. 

So, now that you know a functioning website needs a well-functioning web development team, you might wonder how to recruit one.

There are lots of options today. In digital recruitment, you can hire a freelancer, or employee or simply hand over your digital appearance which means the website development into an agency.

But what to choose and when? So, figure out the dilemma between hiring the right one for your web development.

Let’s jump into the detailed read where you can compare the agency freelancer or Full-time employee.

Know Your Website First

To hire the best employee of any version, you have to make the right decision on how you want to see your website.

It depends on a couple of things like budget, your audience, the type of your website and so many things.

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, an informative one, a news website, etc.

So, according to that, you will start pondering over whom to hire because your website is the bridge to your traffic.

When you have an organized website, that is first-class in appearance, and promotions, your brand visibility will automatically boost.

So, hiring a professional website builder depends on so many factors. As a website owner, you need to decide on this based on the type of your business

Overview of The Agency Freelancer or Full-Time Employee

Criteria Agency Freelancer Employee
Support Full-time  Partial Full-time
Credibility High Medium High
Quick Results On-time Not on time On-time
Acceptance of the control by the owner Not always accepts May not accept Accept
Cost High Medium High
Communication  Easy Not always available Easy
Idea Generation  May generate ideas to flourish any website Not always Just fulfills his duty

Who is The Best to Hire?

Let’s draw a complete comparison between the agency freelancer or Full-time employee based on the right resource and right time!



The agency is a stable choice for your website development. You get a highly professional team with your money.

You can ask for services and get them. No doubt you will have a great experience with the agency.

There is no need for an extra team or an in-house team. 

Especially for the high-quality website, the development agency is the right pick. Now that the team has many people under one roof.

They want to shape your website with a better view. When you have a bunch of opinions, it is great to work.

You will never go wrong with this. Often people spend their money on full-time employees and freelancers.

But soon they understand what is needed. So, they switched to a development agency.

No doubt the development agencies are right away to fix or build a website that another professional left in a middle way.

But of course, make the best use of your money and time, so collaborate with a web development agency earlier.


  • A great deal is when you have a mega plan with your website.
  • A collaborative approach between the owner and the agency team is noteworthy.
  • Liability is what you can expect from the agency. Because they keep their contracts and have definite work rules.
  • The team tries to know your business closely and sets the different trends.


  • Finding the best one is difficult.
  • Costly to crack the deal with a web-developing agency.



The trend of freelancers is recent and one of the hyped ones. Freelancers are stealing the show.

They are cost-effective and efficient on the same thread. You can hire a freelancer for your web development when your business is a small one.

But when you are a gigantic business, you can’t sit and rely on the freelancers. 

There are many freelancing platforms with a hefty of freelancers. So, you can pick your talent from there.

Most freelancers try to provide you with their best work so that you continue the collaboration but freelancers can also end the contracts.

So, there is a risk. Freelancers are the boss of their own. It is said that they are in between the full-time employees and agencies. 


  • Easy to hire and maintain
  • You can explore different talents in one team that builds your website successfully
  •  They are flexible enough 
  •  Provide quick result
  • Cheap and doesn’t charge additional costs


  • Supervision is difficult and you can’t deal with that
  • You can’t find a freelancer available all the time. They start and end their work on their available schedules
  • Communication is a bit difficult

Full-Time Employee

Full-Time Employee

When you hire a full-time employee, you are nurturing your website with utmost care.

Because you are paying a person constantly regularly to develop your website, or e-business in rhythm to the best website trends.  

It has both pros and cons when you are hiring a full-time employee.

If you are not a start-up and full-fledged website with a higher budget, then choosing a full-time web developer is a feasible option.

You can rely more on and have close supervision of your digital developments. So, cost is a thing you need to keep in mind.

You can have a front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developer according to your needs. 


  • Easy to communicate with
  • Put effort into your web development on his best
  • Flexible
  • You can have close supervision of the things
  • Easy to deal with


  • Expensive to maintain a full-time employee with competitive benefits and trends
  • Sometimes employees may not look into every detail and just do their work timely. 
  • Hiring an employee, again and again, can be a cumbersome task.


In conclusion, when selecting the right path for your business, consider the broader picture.

Weigh the benefits against the costs, and the scales often tip in favor of agencies.

It’s not just about getting work done, but about driving your business forward and staying at the forefront of trends.

An agency can be your strategic partner in this journey, providing you with expertise, scalability, and a reliable support system.

Therefore, for businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge while efficiently managing resources, hiring an agency emerges as the optimal choice.

Remember, the decision you make today will shape the future of your business.

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