Testimonial Member Builder

Elementor Addon Wordpress by xgenious


  1. Plugin Installation
  2. Use Testimonial Builder Extension



Plugin Installation

  1. Log-in to your WordPress site
  2. Ensure the Elementor Page builder plugin is activated.
  3. Navigate to the Plugins Menu > Click Add New > Click the Upload link
  4. Click Choose File > Locate the "xgel-Testimonial.zip" file > Click Install Now
  5. Click Activate Plugin

1. Go To The Elementor builder and go Testimonial Category section

2. Select Testimonial Grid or Testimonial Slider Which Addon You Need

1. Select Testimonial Gird : Select Your Desire Testimonial gird From Here.
2. Select Testimonial Slider : Select Your Desire Testimonial Slider From Here.

3. Add individual Testimonial member

1. Name : Enter Testimonial member name.
2. Description : enter Testimonial member description here
3. Designation : enter Testimonial member designation here
3. Review : enter Testimonial member review here
4. Image : enter Testimonial member image here

4. Setup Testimonial Grid

1. Select Column : select which Testimonial grid you want to show.
2. Select Theme : select which Testimonial slider you want to show.

5. Setup Testimonial Slider

1. Select Theme : select Testimonial grid theme form here here
2. Desktop Items : enter how many Testimonial member i want in a row in desktop version
3. Tablet Items : enter how many Testimonial member i want in a row in tablet version
4. Mobile Items : enter how many Testimonial member i want in a row in Mobile version
5. Margin : enter how many Testimonial member i want in a row in Mobile version
6. Loop : Set Margin For item
7. Navigation : enable/disable nav in slider
8. Navigation Left Icon: select nav left icon for slider
9. Navigation Right Icon: select nav right icon for slider
10. Dots : enable/disable dots in slider
11. Autoplay : enable/disable autoplay in slider
12. Autoplay Hover Pause : enable/disable autoplay hover pause in slider
13. Autoplay Timeout : set autoplay timeout count by mili seconds
14. Smart Speed : set smartspeed timeout count by mili seconds
15. Smart Speed : set smart speed count by mili seconds
16. Animate Out : select animate class for animation out of slider.
17. Animate In : select animate class for animation out of slider.

6. Setup Testimonial Grid/Slider Typography

1. Name Font Size : set name font size form here here
2. Designation Font Size : set designation font size form here.
3. Description Font Size : set description font size form here
4. Icon Font Size : set icon font size form here

7. Setup Testimonial Grid/Slider Styling

1. Name Color : Select name color
2. Designation Color : Select designation color.
3. Background Color : Select background color
5. Border Color : Select border color
7. Description Color : Select description color
8. Icon Color : Select icon color
9. Navigation Color : Select navigation color
10. Navigation Background Color : Select navigation background color
11. Navigation Background Hover Color : Select navigation background hover color
12. Navigation Hover Color : Select navigation hover color
13. Dots Color : Select dots color
14. Dots Active Color : Select dots active color

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this extension. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this extension and I'll do my best to assist. If you have any question you can send an e-mail via the profile page.