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Localhost Installation

We will show you how you can install any of xgenious script in Windows Pc using Xampp. Go to xampp download page website download xampp php 7.4 version and install it in your computer.

download xampp for windows pc/laptop

Step : 01

Download file from codecanyon and extract in your pc and you will get 03 folder. Listed below

  • Documentation
  • Installable File
  • Update
Screenshot at Feb 26 22 46 11
folder structure after download the file

Now Open installable folder, you will get a zip file. you have to upload it to your server using ftp or file manager.

Screenshot at Feb 26 22 46 45
installable zip file

Step: 02

open your xampp control panel

image 1
xampp control panel

Step 03

clock on explorer then open htdocs folder

image 2

image 3

Step 04:

create a folder inside htdocs folder name it nexelit

image 4

Step 05:

now copy installable zip file (check Step 01 for the zip file) and paste it inside nexelit folder and unzip it. after unzip it will look like below screenshot

image 5

Step 06

now you have to create database for the script. open phpmyadmin from your xampp control panel

image 6

for create new database click on new

image 7

give it a name an remember this database name we need it in future step 08 to finish the installation.

image 8

Step 07

Go To the link to install the script localhost/yourfoldername/install, you will see install wizard like below picture

Screenshot at Mar 16 00 50 41
installation wizard

Step 08. now click on “i agree, next step” button

Screenshot at Mar 16 00 52 31
server requirement

make sure you have all the icon green, if you see anything in red color, then you have to install that php extension or have to increase you php version. now click next

Screenshot at Mar 16 00 53 43
folder permission

make sure you have give folder permission to those folder 0755. if you are not familiar with permission you can contact our support or your hosting provider. now click next

Screenshot at Mar 16 00 55 07

this step make sure you have database required for the installation, click next

image 9

enter your database infomation.

  • enter database username: root
  • database name: which we have created in step 06
  • keep password field: empty

add admin info as follows

  • Your name
  • enter username for super admin
  • enter password for super admin
  • enter email for super admin

after successful installation you will able to login to your admin panel via this admin info

once all input data is complete click on install now button.

Screenshot at Mar 16 01 00 36
installation complete

if you see this screen, that mean your installation process is done.

your admin login url will be localhost/yourfoldername/login/admin admin login details is what you have enter while installation.

if you face any issue with installation please contact our support.

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