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How to Set up Google reCAPTCHA

It is mandatory to setup your google reCAPTCHA v3 api key to work all of your frontend form. follow below step to get you own captcha key.

Step 01: sign up for an Api key pair for your site, Go to Google Captcha site

google recaptcha website

Step 02: click on v3 Admin Console to go admin console

go to admin console

Step 03: Register a new site

register new site for captcha
  • Step 04: enter label for recognise it later
  • Step 05: select reCAPTCHA type to reCAPTCHA v3
  • Step 06: enter your Domains
  • Step 07: add Owners
  • Step 08: Accept the reCAPTCHA Terms of Service
  • Step 09: click on submit button, Your API keys will be generated.
generated google captcha v3 api key

Step 10: now you have to add those captcha key to admin panel “General settings > Third Party Script”

google captcha api key setup
  • Google Captcha V3 Site Key: copy google captcha v3 site key and paste it here
  • Google Captcha V3 Secret Key: copy google captcha v3 secret key and paste it here
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