Open source crowdfunding platform

5 most popular open source crowdfunding platforms for startups | Change your fundraising way

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for donations, businesses, or any project. Crowdfunding raises money through family, friends, and social media platforms. 

What is an open source crowdfunding platform?

The crowdfunding platform has become very popular nowadays. It’s become an easy way to collect funds. 

Open source crowdfunding platform allows for raising funds rather than traditional fundraising. Open source crowdfunding software has opened a new way for people to raise money for their businesses. It permits anyone to collect funds from people rather than banks. 

Crowdfunding allows you to transform your dreams into reality. 

A crowdfunding platform is mainly for donations, startup businesses, and medical campaigns. This crowdfunding platform doesn’t need to face many obstacles as they aren’t committed to any financial commitment with their donators.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is a procedure of raising money for the purpose of any project, donations, etc.

Starting fundraising is one of the best moves for startups, collecting donations. Starting a business isn’t easy. Without funds, you can’t start a business. Most startup businesses start their business by taking loans from banks.  

In a crowdfunding campaign fundraisers set up a goal. How many funds do they want to raise? They target an estimated date and time. During this time they collect funds for their projects. Sometimes it takes time to raise funds. 

Open source crowdfunding platform makes it easier to raise money. Previously people used to raise funds through physical campaigns, or by going door to door. This used to require a lot of time. Besides crowdfunding raise money through online campaigns, which saves time. With the help of social media, campaigns are widely shared. This is how they raise money quickly within a short time. 

Benefits of open source crowdfunding platform

No one uses an open-source crowdfunding platform without any benefit. 

There number of benefits of open source crowdfunding software. Its flexibility and customization made it easier for any kind of project. It builds trust between users and developers.

Fast way to raise fund

Crowdfunding is a fast way to raise funds. In the traditional way fundraising used to take a lot of time. Crowdfunding is a time-consuming platform. Save time. Raise funds.

Sharing idea

Crowdfunding is a great platform to share your ideas and knowledge. By sharing ideas you will get feedback on your ideas. This will help you to improve your understanding. 

Promote your brand

Another benefit of crowdfunding is it increases brand awareness. Donators know about your brand or product. This is how you can promote your brand.


Alternative of bank loans

Crowdfunding is an alternative to bank loans. When you take a loan from a bank you need to repay the loan. In crowdfunding, people donate without any return policy. You don’t need to return funds to your donator. 

Build a community

A crowdfunding platform builds a community. You get to know different types of people. This is how a community makes it. You can keep in touch with them. Which will help you to raise funds for your next project.

There is a variety of crowdfunding platforms. Each crowdfunding platform has its own features. Here I have discussed the most popular crowdfunding platforms. 

Fundorex – CMS crowdfunding platform.

Fundorex is one of the most popular open source crowdfunding platforms. This crowdfunding platform is very easy to use. Fundorex offers a wide range of features. This crowdfunding platform is best for donation sites, job listing sites, and event listing sites.

With the Fundorex crowdfunding platform, you can quickly raise money. This CMS crowdfunding platform is easy to customize. It’s compatible with mobile, desktop, and laptops. 

Fundorex users can raise their own donation campaign by registering on the website. admin needs to approve the user campaign to show it on the website, user can withdraw raised amount by request to the admin for withdrawal. It has the option to set admin charge by percentage or amount, the admin can enable/disable it.

This platform offers a range of campaigns. For non-profit organizations, fundorex is the best open source crowdfunding platform. 


Indiegogo is the best crowdfunding software for entrepreneurs and investors. With indiego, you can create any crowdfunding campaign. 

This platform allows you to combine with other platforms, including Meta and Twitter, to promote the campaign. 


For personal branding, CircleUp is the best choice. It offers both equity capital and credit financing and brings forth a platform to network with experts, retailers, and entrepreneurs. This platform is best for entrepreneurs who are looking to develop ideas. 


GoFundme is another best crowdfunding platform. This crowdfunding platform is the best for-profit organization for collecting for events ranging from life events, education, charity, medical, etc. 


Patreon is a popular crowdfunding website builder for bloggers and YouTubers. This website allows artists to develop a connection with their fans. Even they can deliver their content to their subscribers. This open source crowdfunding software is best if you regularly share your content. 

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Final thought

Open source crowdfunding platform is a great way to build your own crowdfunding website. It’s a great way to participate in the enlargement of new products and services. Also gives you the opportunity to support and become a part of their success. Create crowdfunding platform and raise funds.