Crowdfunding for nonprofit

Best Crowdfunding for nonprofits | Top 5 crowdfunding platforms and tips for successful nonprofit campaigns

Crowdfunding is a large group of people where people contribute funding for any foundation or organization. 

What is crowdfunding for nonprofits?

Crowdfunding for nonprofits is a way to raise money for any nonprofit organization. Crowdfunding nonprofit fundraising raises money through an online platform or a group of people. 

Crowdfunding is the method of reaching your donators without any barriers. It’s a popular way for non-profits to raise money. Over the last few years, crowdfunding for nonprofits is expanding day by day. 

For crowdfunding, there are many platforms available. Crowdfunding platforms allow a way for donors to put together online donations and track the growth of the campaign. 

Does crowdfunding work for nonprofits?

Crowdfunding for nonprofits works or not depending on your campaign strategy. Which strategy are you using for a crowdfunding non profit campaign? 

Before getting going into a crowdfunding platform you might have researched other crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits. Which policy they are following for their best crowdfunding websites for nonprofits?  

So you must be thinking does it gonna work for you? 

The same strategy doesn’t work for all. However here I have pointed out some things which you should remind before crowdfunding non profit fundraising.

  • Running nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns is time-consuming. It requires time, planning, and creativity to carry out.
  • Not all platforms are suitable for you. Some platforms are for real estate, and some are for reward-based crowdfunding. All features are not gonna work for all nonprofit crowdfunding campaigns. 
  • A well-planned crowd fundraising for nonprofits can reach the donors to go beyond the normal gateway. 
  • Donors’ excitement is one of the parts of a crowdfunding campaign. When they see the development of their donation their crowdfunding experience becomes enjoyable. If a campaign takes time to grow then it’s not a good sign. 
Nonprofit crowdfunding campaign
Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaign

Guidelines for choosing a crowdfunding platform

There are some guidelines you need to follow while choosing a crowdfunding platform. These guidelines will help you to choose the best crowdfunding platform.

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Custom built

The best crowdfunding platforms give you the option to customize your crowdfunding website. You can customize pages according to your criteria. You can reveal the purpose of your crowdfunding. 

Data collect

Data collection is one of the most important tasks in crowdfunding. The more data you have the more success is waiting for you. 

When you gather enough data from donators you will get an idea of where your donors are coming from. It will help you for your next nonprofit crowdfunding campaign and enhance your campaign. 

The best crowdfunding platforms include the option of collecting data. 


While starting a crowdfunding campaign you should choose a cost-effective crowdfunding platform. Starting a crowd fundraising for nonprofits campaign isn’t easy. For that, you should consider the platform fee, and credit card processing fee of the crowdfunding platform.  

If you cannot raise enough money from your campaign then it won’t be worth it. Consider these factors while choosing.


Without marketing, letting people know about your nonprofit crowdfunding campaign is impossible. Top crowdfunding platforms allow you to promote your campaign through different platforms like awareness campaign social media, email campaigns, etc.

Some platforms also allow customizing social media and email content mediums.  

Top 5 crowdfunding platforms for nonprofits

Fundorex – All around best crowdfunding platform for nonprofits

Fundorex is a crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. It’s easy to set up, and affordable. This crowdfunding platform helps you to raise money from friends, family,  social media, and other platforms. Accept online donations. 

Customization option available in Fundorex crowdfunding. Well documented and device compatible. With fundorex users can create their crowdfunding campaigns and raise money. 

Fundorex is for crowdfunding for non profits campaign, job listing crowdfunding, and event crowdfunding

Platform fee:

The price starts from $49 with 6 months of extended support, and future updates. 

Donation Campaign Module

Admin Campaign

Admin can create/manage all donation campaigns from the admin panel, also admin can add an update to the campaign, check users’ withdrawal requests, and approve them. As a full controller over the donation module. Also, add donate button. 

Included With Donation Module

Has to option to add an update about the donation cause, the raiser can show to vision where the amount is spent or what is the current situation, campaign owner can easily put a general question answer by the faq option.

The campaign owner can add an image gallery for the donation campaign or can put only one single image for it.

The campaign owner can manage all comments on the campaign.

Admin has the option to manage all user withdrawal options. admin will see all the information about the donation. How much amount raised, how much available balance and how much admin charge get. Admin needs to pay the user manually then the admin will approve it and provide the transaction id and payment receipt. Also, the admin can add comments to it. Admin can not approve withdrawal if the user balance is low.

Admin Charge

Admin can set a charge from the admin panel, per donation, it can be in percentage or a fixed amount. Admin can enable/disable it. 

User Campaign

User can create their donation campaign to raise money, by registering on the website, they can log in to the website using Facebook or google. After login, they can create a donation campaign and need admin approval to make the campaign live.

User Campaign Faq

Users can add faq for their created donation cause, they can answer general questions answer by the faq option.

User Campaign Update

Users can add an image gallery for the donation campaign or can put only one single image for it.

User Campaign Payment Withdraw

Users can send withdrawal requests to the admin anytime from the user dashboard. Users can only request the amount available for withdrawing, it is automatically validated from the admin panel. user needs to select the payment gateway which the admin enables from the admin panel. then need to give payment gateway details to get paid.


Fundly mainly focuses on digital donation. Donators can share campaign social media. Also, customize the donation page with media. 

Fundly support email, and fast transfer of funds. A great platform for crowdfunding for nonprofits. 

Platform fee:

Platform fee of 4.9 percent, a credit card processing fee of 2.9%, and a $0.30 per-transaction fee.


HandBid, an online fundraising platform. This crowdfunding platform is the best solution for online auctions, peer-to-peer fundraising, text-to-donate initiatives, and online donations.


Salsalabs is another crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. This platform manages social media promotion, donor management, and email marketing. 

Platform fee:

Salsalabs provides custom pricing based on different types of fundraising demands.


Donately allows managing fundraising pages, donor management, and custom forms. They have a messaging platform that helps to increase donations and peer-to-peer fundraising.

This platform has a user-friendly interface, easy to set up and navigate. 

Crowdfunding Tips for nonprofits

Create a convincing story

To inspire people to donate you had to convince them.  For that, you need a convincing story. Tell your story to your donors.

Use of social media 

Social media is a powerful platform. Make use of social media to promote your campaign. Also, people will learn about your campaign. They will show interest. This is how you will get potential donors.


Keep communicating with your potential donators. Keep them up to date about your campaign. Because when you communicate with them trust builds. These donators will again help you for your next campaign.

Make video

Make a short video about your campaign. Keep it short, informative, and eye catchy. By watching the video your donator should get an idea about your nonprofit campaign. 

Things to keep in mind

While running a nonprofit campaign there are a few things you should keep in mind. Most crowdfunding campaign runner makes these mistakes. For that, they can’t fulfill their goal.

Below are some points which you should keep in mind. 

Insufficient data

Lack of data is one of the mistakes most campaign runners do. Running a campaign isn’t easy as it seems. You need to gather a lot of information. Who are your targeted donators, and how you will raise money, etc? 

Avoiding social media

In 2022 it’s impossible to promote any event without social media platforms. Don’t even think I don’t need to promote my campaign on advertising social media ads. It’s one of the biggest mistakes you will do. Your donators are on social media. Let them know about your campaign. 

Keep in touch with donators

Don’t lose contact with your donators. Generally, nonprofit crowdfunding campaign runners lose contact with their donators after completing their campaign. It’s one of the mistakes they done. Losing communication with your donators means you are losing potential clients. 

Always keep in touch with them. Share stories, add photos videos,  and thank them for their contribution. 

Final Touch

Crowdfunding for nonprofits is a great way to collect funds for your nonprofit crowdfunding campaign. It allows you to reach a large number of people.

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